Please click here for the Calendar. Unless otherwise stated, all bookings are through me.

NB There are no more courses now (summer 2021) until Iona in the autumn, followed by two or three weeklong online courses through the late autumn/winter. I’m also not accepting any individual mentoring or appraisal work.

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‘Although I’ve had the privilege of learning under some truly great teachers, some of them academics, some spiritual guides, I don’t think I’ve ever had a more rewarding learning experience…’ (Participant on a poetry course and my Iona retreat)

Whether you are one of the ‘regulars’ who joins us each year, or are considering joining us for the first time, I’m delighted to welcome you to the programme, now in its 30th year (2021).

You’ll find here courses for novices and experienced writers; for poets and novelists; for people interested in land, in relationship with other humans and other species, in reflection, in myth and depth psychology, in renewal, in personal history and personal development, and in creative ‘time out’. Be warned – people tend to come back, over and over. (See here for a few of many 100s of testimonials.)

One of the joys of my working life is the groupwork. I feel eternally privileged to do what I love and to do it with people who bring so much inspiration, heartfulness and courage to the writing process. I never fail to be moved by the breadth and depth of your stories, poems, imagination and willingness to explore.

I also offer several online courses, the longest running being STORYMAKING: a unique approach to writing the novel, drawing on myth and archetype [with the support of Arts Council England, and featured in The Guardian]. This has proved to be both popular and successful; you can join at any time.

I also teach ELEMENTS OF POETRY, another online course. The newest ones, here and here, bring together writing, mindfulness, soulwork and our relationship to nature and the larger-than-human world

Launched at the end of 2018 was a yearlong eco-soul (‘the ecological imagination’) course, Tongues in Trees. The next group will begin on the winter solstice 2021 for the whole of 2022. Bookings being taken now.

Many of my students are published.

At this turbulent time in our world history, things that nurture the imagination may seem scarce or even irrelevant; but I passionately believe that the act of nourishing the creative process, with the accompanying sense of increased self-awareness, wellbeing and empowerment that brings, might be one of the small candles that are at times all we can light against the dark – not least because they also nurture the inner compassionate nature. How would the world look if we could, as a species, turn that outwards? Novelist Lindsay Clarke said that without imagination it’s not possible to be empathic. It’s that simple.

These ideas are at the core of my work. (I am a member of LAPIDUS, the association for the literary arts in personal development, and was opening keynote speaker at their conference WILD in September 07.)

For the Fire in the Head spirit in print, check out my Books page.

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