New online courses

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In 2020 and 2021 I created two new online courses to add to those that already exist (see here). That was before my internet went down for nine weeks! – but that’s a different story.

One brings together writing practice, mindfulness practice and our relationship to each other and the rest of the natural world: Part 1 is Writing the Bright Moment: poetry & mindfulness. There has been wonderful feedback to date, and several people have repeated the week at a different time of year.

Autumn 2022 sees the launch of Part 11 of the above course, which is an online prose week: Encounters with Kin: the new nature memoir. I’ve been promising this, for prose writers, for ages, and am excited to be designing a new week. More details later in the summer.

In the spring of 2021 Poetry & the Ensouled Life emerged. Like ‘Writing the Bright Moment’, this has had truly excellent feedback, the group produced an anthology, and still meet regularly online.

I’m also finally going to offer my Poetry Lab sessions – I’ve nearly 30 years’ experience in leading such feedback sessions, and a great many of my course participants have gone on to be published poets.

I’m also working on a couple that take me back to my roots in deep ecology, soulwork and transpersonal psychology. One is a resurrection of the Myth as Metaphor workshops I led from 1991 onwards, and out of which grew my first commissioned book, Riding the Dragon – myth & the inner journey. Another will be announced nearer the time.

The online yearlong Tongues in Trees course, which has been an exciting and rewarding project, and part of the inspiration for my A Spell in the Forest book, is on hold, as I enter a new phase of my life that will allow me more time for my own writing, and for a big new permaculture, forest gardening and rewilding project.

my-books-2Do come back to see what’s on offer soon.