The Poetry Lab

Coming in 2022 (hopefully)

In 2021, I had been leading workshops and teaching poetry for 30 years. (I’m now a very experienced catalyst and creatively-constructive critic of poets’ work.) I offered some new online courses in celebration. Now, in 2022, I’m finally considering getting on with the Poetry Lab, below.


The poetry lab
Does our work speak to others? Does it speak to more than one level of being? Does it involve the senses, the heart, the intellect and ‘factor x’ that lifts it out of the mundane, the ‘so what’? How do we write poetry that is more than simply a description?

I’ve described this process as alchemical: the crucible of poetry, in this case close group exploration and enquiry into individual poems, can help burn away all the leaden dross to leave the pure gold of what we were trying to say. To mix my metaphors, we’ll work on your poems until they being to take wing, like the phoenix.

From time to time I work with small selected groups online, workshopping the individuals’ poetry to question and strengthen their work. I lead the group, but peer feedback is essential to the process too. (I have also offered this for many other organisations, such as MsLexia magazine.)

I hope to offer one or more of these in autumn 2022. More on this soon.

I work with different levels of ability.

One group will be for people who have been writing, and possibly publishing, their poetry, for some time.

The other will be for newcomers who have something to say but would appreciate help in saying it.

If any of this resonates with you, please do be in touch and mention which level you’d be applying for.

You might also be interested in Elements of Poetry; and also Writing the Bright Moment; and Poetry & the ensouled life.

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More details and dates for 2022 coming soon.