Poetry groups & 1-to-1 work

After my weeklong retreats which lean towards poetry, I’m perhaps best-known for my poetry courses, often outdoors and with an eco- and natural-world emphasis.

From time-to-time I offer a ‘wild writing’ day near my home, for a small group or as a one-to-one. Yesterday was one such day, in the beautiful grounds of Dartington Hall Estate. I facilitated a daylong outdoor workshop for Heidi Stephenson, writer and poet. Here’s what she said: ‘Having a day of wild writing with Roselle, of deep immersion in poetry, creativity and nature, was a real privilege. We worked hard, but in a wonderful way that flowed and was always fresh and inspirational. There were lots of exercises and much experimenting with different lenses of perception and approach. She held the process lightly, was enabling and non-judgemental, and facilitated beautifully. I really recommend a wild day with her.’ My fee for a one-person day is £350. For a group, it works out significantly less per person but without the same quality of individual attention, clearly.

I also teach an Elements of Poetry online course and a number of newer shorter ones (see the top bar) and my own poetry is well-published. I’ve been poet-in-residence at many organisations here and abroad, indoors and out-, and taught poetry at every level in our education system too.

In 1991 I set up a writing group in Tavistock, Devon. Later, this split into two: both are still active. The more general creative writing group is now peer-led, and the poetry side morphed into Two Rivers* poets, with whom I work monthly at an advanced level. Some of the original members are still with me, and very occasionally I invite a new person to join us (the group is by invitation only).

This group of committed poets is very close to my heart – there’s something very intimate about working closely together on poetry, especially when there’s an understanding that poetry is also about the soul, and there’s a depth of trust and mutual respect. This of course is enhanced by decades of working together. Most of these poets are now well-published.

Several years ago we published our first anthology, Confluence (its beautiful cover is by one of the group members, Mary Gillett).

If you are within reach of South Devon, are a committed and experienced poet who reads a lot of contemporary poetry, and would like to work monthly with us, please be in touch if you’d like to be considered the next time a space arises.

I’m often available to work with other groups if requested – I’ve worked by request to facilitate poetry groups and courses in arts centres and the like throughout Britain and Europe.

From time-to-time I offer a ‘Poetry Lab’.

* Recent feedback: ‘Thank you for another wonderful and aweful Two Rivers day – full of wonder and awe. Your exercises shake us, pull us out quite uncomfortably at times. The three of us [travelling home together] agreed that it is what we need. I can also confirm that you were voted the best leader of a creative writing group in UK and Europe.’