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Please check the page relevant to any courses that I organise myself for my policy on cancellations and refunds. Generally the latter are not available on residential courses as I have contractual, financial and administrative commitments to the venues which don’t change if you withdraw, although clearly if I have to cancel the course for personal reasons you will be refunded. NB THIS LATTER DOES NOT APPLY TO A GLOBAL EVENT – AN ‘ACT OF GOD’ – OUT OF MY CONTROL, HOWEVER. Examples of this might be extreme weather, widespread transport strikes, civil unrest or the current virus pandemic. I advise travel insurance.

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic is an example of an ‘act of God’ for which, not being God, I cannot take responsibility. In this case, in 2020 I offered refunds of the balance, but not the deposits, to all the participants (and in our strange circumstances I also designed and delivered an online version of the Iona week as a one-off). Any such future events will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

This is my general policy on cancellations, notably for the Iona courses:

  • THE DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE. I have had to become strict with this.
  • If you cancel before DECEMBER 31st of the previous year, any BALANCE you have already paid is refundable, minus £50 admin/readvertising costs.
  • After that no refunds are possible (NB once again, I will be reviewing this IF we have to cancel because of COVID).
  • Please also note that the course fee, if you cancel, is not transferable.
  • You might want to consider travel insurance. Clearly, in the highly-unlikely event that I have to cancel the course for personal reasons, you will have a full refund of my fee.

    PLEASE NOTE TOO that the material in the courses is copyright, and I require that you don’t use any of it for personal or professional gain ‘out in the world’. You will be asked on the Contact page to tick a box confirming that you accept these conditions.

Your signing up for a course is taken as an acceptance of these conditions.

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