the small print


Please check the page relevant to any courses that I organise myself for my policy on cancellations and refunds. Generally the latter are not available on residential courses as I have contractual, financial and administrative commitments to the venues which don’t change if you withdraw, although clearly if I have to cancel the course for personal reasons you will be refunded. NB THIS LATTER DOES NOT APPLY TO A GLOBAL EVENT – AN ‘ACT OF GOD’ – OUT OF MY CONTROL, HOWEVER. Examples of this might be extreme weather, widespread transport strikes, or the current virus pandemic. I advise travel insurance.

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic is an example of an ‘act of God’ for which, not being God, I cannot take responsibility. In this case, in 2020 I offered refunds of the balance, but not the deposits, to all the participants (and in our strange circumstances I also designed and delivered an online version of the Iona week as a one-off). Any such future events will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and the Iona retreats I have put in place the compromise I might offer should the same thing happen in 2021. See the Islands of the Heart page for these details.

PLEASE NOTE TOO that the material in the courses is copyright, and I require that you don’t use any of it for personal or professional gain ‘out in the world’. You will be asked on the Contact page to tick a box confirming that you accept these conditions.

Your signing up for a course is taken as an acceptance of these conditions.

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