You can buy most of these from my blog with Paypal, easily and quickly. Some you can buy direct from the publishers. And of course also from that dreaded online mega-seller beginning with an A. The Book Depository also sell many of them, and ship worldwide free. Or order them from your local independent bookstore. Some titles have a click-through option, below.

There are reviews on most of them on Amazon. Several have had a number of lovely reviews in journals. Being a Luddite, I’m going to stick to hard copy, myself, but if you’re a Kindler, both my novels are also available on Kindle.

Here’s something lovely someone’s just written to me about my work: ‘There are only a few writers whose work one turns to with such pleasure and sure knowledge that the larger seeing, the wider heart will be restored through reading their work.’ CB.

The White Hind in the Thicket

Hot off the press, as they say, is this lovely little booklet of my retelling of a traditional tale, illustrated and designed by Alexi Francis. You can see info here.It might be the first of a set. The easiest way to buy this (it’s £4.50 in GB including postage, £5.50 in the rest of Europe) is to go direct to Paypal and put in my email address, which is Roselle followed by [at]fire-in-the-head[dot]co[dot]uk, replacing of course with the usual symbols. Don’t forget to send me your land address with the order.



From IDP is a reprint (10 years on) of my first poetry collection, Looking For Icarus. I’m delighted and, unusually, I still really like all the poems in it. And what a great cover.

Here’s a sample poem, and there are 5 or 6 more here. You can buy the book from this link, too.


You could have been squatting here forever
almost grown into bank, or become another
rippling ring of light on the dark river.
Twigs have roosted in your hair; your hands
river-stone-cold. Breath feathers the last of the day.

Where do we go each time we close behind us
the door of the present moment? Who
steps forward and who is left behind?
Who still squats by the water when you’re
long gone into tree, or bird, or sand?

© Roselle Angwin, 2005/2015



My most recent novel, set on Dartmoor and in Brittany, places close to my heart. Here’s the blurb: Take two brothers. One secret.One woman, two lovers. Add in two deaths, and the trauma of foot and mouth on a small Dartmoor hill farm. Under such pressure other older secrets emerge, with devastating consequences. And here’s where you can buy it (or order it from your local bookshop) (and much as I hate to mention that dreaded online bookseller, Amazon has a number of lovely reviews; similarly with Imago, below). Also from IDP:

River Suite cover

There’s a long story behind River Suite, which I’ll fill in at some stage. For now, I’ll keep it at this: this is a long poem, in seven sections, set on Dartmoor. This new limited edition is truly beautiful; it’s accompanied by the stunning Dartmoor water photography of Vikky Minette, and it’s been sensitively and gorgeously designed by Sally Chapman-Walker of Mudlark Press. Everyone who’s seen it has loved it. It’s around 40 pages; most spreads have at least one photo, and we’ve only printed 300 of which 100 have sold. And it’s only £15. I’m told it makes a great present. If you’re trying hard not to think about the C-word in summer, could I suggest that you let your subliminal mind buy a copy for that Significant Other (or, indeed, yourself)? You can read section 1 here:, and you can buy it from the Paypal drop-down menu to the right of the column on that blog. If you email me I could also send you a PDF of the first few pages. There! How’s that for a bribe? (MAY 2015: only about 6 copies left now…)

A stranger’s just emailed me these lovely words about the audio version on my home page: ‘I listened to your piece on soundcloud. It made me cry – for joy and for reconnecting with part of myself I had forgotten. Thank you. You are doing something very special and important.’ Thank you, JG.

June 4th 2014: there’s a lovely review of River Suite on the Outdoor Swimming Society’s website (May/June 2014). Thanks, Lynne Roper. You’ll need to scroll right down at this link:

ATMNOL 72[1]

This is my most recent collection of poems (IDP). People have said lovely things about it. You can read some samples here, and also order it:

imago cover

Imago was my first novel, and I have an unshakeable attachment to it. It took 17 years to find a home (and then that publisher disappeared. IDP took it on as part of a 4-book deal with me). It’s a timeslip novel, set in C20th Devon and C13th France, and is about love, responsibility, heresy and time. And stuff. You can read about and buy this one, too from the publishers or order it from the bookshop. (There are, of course, reviews of this and the other books online at that huge cyber warehouse whose name we won’t mention.)


Bardo (Shearsman) is a collection of mostly prose poems; a form that is greatly under-rated in Britain, I believe. (There are poem poems in there too.) I’d say it was more abstract and philosophical than the collection (Love) above. Once again, people have said nice things on That Web Bookshop. You can read a sample and buy a copy here (or, as with most of the others, from my blog: and also here.

Bright Moment front

REPRINTED JUNE 2014 (Fire in the Head 2005 with an Arts Council England award)
Need a shot of inspiration? Christmas/birthday present for a writer? This book is a much-acclaimed hands-on collection of my workshops, basically, with a number of contributions by other writers working in similar fields. Approx. 350pp.

‘I have read many books about approaches to writing and when Writing the Bright Moment was first published in 2005 I immediately ordered a copy. It’s been with me everywhere since then as I have moved around the country a bit. Now I’m settled somewhere else and I often go back, deep into its pages. It’s not only about writing; it’s about living the writing from all kinds of directions – mind, body, spirit, elements and so forth. I’m thrilled to see it back in print!’ (Comment on my blog from JS)

There are a few excerpts from journal and magazine reviews on Amazon. This is one that’s just come my way: ‘”Writing the Bright Moment” is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Everlastingly inspiring.’

Someone else told me that when they moved to their houseboat, they got rid of all creative writing books (even Natalie Goldberg, gasp of horror!) – except this one…

You can buy this on Amazon, or direct from me (best to go to my blog and use Paypal).


(Robert Hale 1999) This one does what it says on the tin – takes you right through the process of writing a novel, based on my Storymaking workshops (as featured in The Guardian) (so it includes exercises). People seem to like it. (Christmas or birthday present for that aspiring novelist?) Someone said they wished they’d seen and bought this one first instead of wasting money on a load of other books on novel-writing! It’s out of print now; I have a few left. Signed copies will cost you £12 plus £2.80 p&p from me (use roselle[at]fire-in-the-head[dot]co[dot]uk on Paypal (replacing with the usual symbols).


This was my very first book. It was an exciting commission, taken by phone in 1993 from the then Element Books. At the time, I was making my living as a shoemaker from a converted ox-stable in the grounds of a C13th abbey, as you do, and when I took the call I was covered in dust and glue and at first had no idea what the commissioning editor was talking about. But I’d trained as a counsellor in Transpersonal Psychology by then, and was leading occasional workshops: ‘Myth as Metaphor’, all about archetype, story, and the ongoing relevance of myth to our psyche and lives. This book is that. There are very very few of this lovely edition (I mean the cover!) in print; it was bought out by other publishers who’ve been pretty rubbish, really, and also given it awful covers. I have just 2 or 3 of this edition left – 2nd hand, and one or two new. Do please contact me for info.

23  years after its publication, I’m delighted that the current President of the Pagan Federation in GB mentioned this book in his presidential acceptance speech as one of his influences in finding his path.

I’ve others. I’ll upload them soon. There are reviews on all except the little booklet on Amazon. And here’s a plea: no matter where people buy the books, Amazon reviews are invaluable. If you’ve read one or more of my books, it would help me enormously if you could write a brief review.

‘It was wonderful to spend that day with someone whose values and spirit are so true, as I’m also discovering from reading your beautiful poems. It’s still rare to meet writers driven by soul and heart rather than ego, and [who] stand firmly grounded in years of hard-won wisdom, so I feel very lifted and inspired.’ RJ, workshop participant

You can buy most of these from my blog with the Paypal button (safe and easy).

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