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2018 DATES (more tba)

NB: I have decided to take late January till end of March to focus on my latest book, which is now on the (dammit) 5th draft. There will I hope be an alternative to Thresholds, below, as a download, work pressure and time permitting.

HALF- OR FULL-DAY WORKSHOPS, Devon & Cornwall (more tba)

Thresholds & The Inward Flame
Sunday 28th January, Totnes
Annual one-day workshop: celebrating the turning year at Imbolc & creating the life you want. Birdwood House, 44 High Street, Totnes, 10am–4pm

Mindfulness walk Wednesday 28 Feb, 11am – 1pm
In the beautiful woodland gardens of National Trust Greenway, Devon. Book via Greenway

All Our Relations: writing earth stories incorporating Tongues in Trees (as a one-day) Outdoor writing, tree lore and expressive arts Sunday May 6th, Dartmoor/South Devon venue tba.

PRESENCE: haibun, haiku, and the natural world
Sunday June 24th, near Totnes
Midsummer indoor and outdoor day workshop for the summer solstice in the Devon countryside.

STORYMAKING: Novelists’ Bootcamp four days, dates & venue tba (small group only): synopses, beginnings & endings, core theme, plot progression, narrative arc, creating scenes, character & dialogue.


1 Saturday 7th – Saturday 14th April
(1 place available; ‘core group’ Iona returners only with priority given by number of years’ attendance. Mainly poetry, mainly experienced/published writers)

2 Tuesday 17th April – Tuesday 24th April 2018: ‘more group’ returners & newcomers both welcome (These groups are capped at 14 now. 2018 is full with a waiting list. This group is more divergent in participants’ writing interests and experience, with more of a mix of poetry and prose)


THE LAND’S WILD MAGIC, West Cornwall (was Poetry, Place & Pilgrimage)
Monday 4th – Sunday 10th June
At Boswedden House on the coast, visiting the many megalithic sites and holy wells of West Cornwall, my homeland. We spend much of the time walking and writing outdoors. This is the fourth year; it seems to have been very inspiring for participants. FILLING FAST

Saturday 1 – Saturday 8 September
Poetry, prose & nature-writing in the Cévennes mountains
A week to quicken the heart, fire the imagination and enliven the senses. In addition to creative and reflective writing on various topics we’ll also be thinking, talking about and creating so-called ’nature writing’ and our place in the web of life. This retreat will focus on developing our writing at the same time as deepening our sense of relationship to the world around us. Expect: lively discussion; sensitive guidance; much laughter; a lot of sometimes-surprising writing. Fabulous food; very inspiring venue; hammocks; waterfall pool; massages available on site.

THE WELLKEEPERS: myth, poetry, deep soul & the state of the world
Dates & venue tba: Westcountry, UK
Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine
This course aims to restore the lost feminine to ‘upper world’ consciousness and create conversations between men and women, and our own inner pairs of opposites. It has a particular focus on revisioning our relationship to the rest of the natural world.
Rooted in deep ecology, psychospirituality and mythopoetics (especially in the idea of the quest, the Grail cycle, and the journey to wholeness, as in my 1993 book Riding the Dragon – myth & the inner journey), it turns around the symbolic significance of holy wells.

If you’re interested I recommend you visit the sister site, to have a sense of the wider and deeper reaches of my work


I usually have one or two places for mentoring, or distance learning courses.

See also Bear in mind that all courses are holistic in nature, and there is a great deal of overlap. Apart from the Novelists’ Bootcamp, which is specifically and entirely focused on writing, the courses all include other aspects of being: our inner/soul life and our relationship to the outer world, especially the rest of nature, are inherent parts.

If you’d like to hear of new events, books & writing tips, contact me with your email address and I’ll add you to my list. The newsletter happens three or four times a year, and I promise I’ll never sell your name or allow it to be used for other purposes.