Tongues in Trees

Tales from the Forest
Monday 16 (11am French time) – (Saturday 12 noon)  21 October 2017
Outdoor writing, bardic tales, tree lore and expressive arts retreat week
with Roselle Angwin & Michael Fairfax

la-mare-31-aug-2015-copy in the stunning ancient Fôret de Huelgoat, in Finistère, Brittany

The Fôret de Huelgoat, one of the gateways to the Otherworld of the Celtic peoples, is a mainly-deciduous old enchanted forest rippling with stories and rife with potential poems, and our week here will incorporate writing alongside various other expressive arts, especially land art, and teachings around the old Celtic alphabet, ogham, and tree lore. We’ll also forage for the plentiful sweet chestnuts, which we’ll cook over the fire one evening.

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