week-long retreats


For 2019, I’ve currently 6 week-long retreats scheduled.

All hosted in beautiful locations, such retreats are generally holistic in nature, where writing is seen both as an exploration and expression of our relationships – to our creativity and imagination, to our inner world, to our humanity and other humans, and to the land and the other-than-human. Because of the way I work, we could say they’re also about soul-making and our place in this web of nature. However, clealy the weeks are also focused on our own expressive writing.

These involve some walking, writing, bardic aspects, and other creative arts.

Most of the retreats are wholly or mainly vegetarian fare (there’s a choice on Iona and for the evening meals out in Cornwall).






2014, Cévennes 028[1] Bea

2014, Cévennes 081[1] Bea

me luing

A précis of feedback says ‘Roselle is a popular and inspiring tutor, and a warm wise-woman, who’s been leading FIRE IN THE HEAD workshops and retreats since 1991. She has an amazing ability to get you to write.’