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Camellias at Greenway 2019 (photo Carly May)

TUESDAY MARCH 26th; 3–5pm
National Trust Greenway, Devon.

I had the privilege of being writer-in-residence at Greenway at the end of 2017. I love the place: its woodland garden tumbling down to the Dart; the quiet statue of Kwan Yin, Buddhist goddess of compassion; the camellias; and in addition to offering lots of writing-related events I wrote a lot there. (My final essay can be read here.)

From time to time I offer further events here.  We’ll walk to the camellia garden in this one: listen to the birds beginning to call spring and feast our eyes on the camellia blossoms, where I will be guiding you through the process of writing a haiku. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about haiku – come willing to explore.
Oh yes, bring a notebook!

There is a talk on the care and cultivation of camellias in the morning.

Booking essential, via Greenway:;
telephone 01803 842382


Please see this link for three one-day POETRY IN NATURE workshops
in East Devon in 2019




For more than 20 years I offered THRESHOLDS as a group experience in the shape of an annual day course. Many people have repeated this course with me, often over and over.

I’m delighted to announce that it is now available as a 12-page download for a personal one-day intensive retreat.

Explicitly designed for Imbolc, 1st-2nd February, the contents are relevant in the northern hemisphere up until the vernal equinox in March, so you can choose a day to suit yourself.

The comprehensive material covers Imbolc and its place in the mythology and calendar of the Celtic Wheel of the Year; a story relevant to this emergence towards spring; some practical suggestions for this season; and many questions designed to guide you in a psychospiritual journey towards restoring a sense of balance, wholeness and joy in your life as we come towards spring in the outer world.

At this renewing time of Imbolc – snowdrops, lambs, the re-emergence of the spring goddess, and the cracking-open of the earth towards the new cycle – this is an opportunity to take some time to reflect on your last year and on what you would like to invite in to the forthcoming year; to notice the gap between how you would like to live and how you actually live, and to consider how you might address this. Here’s the blurb:

Using writing as a tool, here’s an opportunity for you to look at your last year: its joys and losses, the things that worked, the things you’d like to change, what you need to let go of. I shall be prompting you to question the balance in your inner and outer lives; how much you nurture the different aspects of being: work, relaxation, friends, family, solo time; and attention given to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

What kind of year would you like to create for yourself in 2019?

This has been carefully designed by a very experienced and supportive facilitator, but happens in your own quiet space.

The download costs £15 sterling; please contact me as below for ways to pay.

‘I wanted to tell you how how blest I was by your Thresholds Retreat, which I spent a day over. I’d been looking for some way to reconnect with the seasons’ rhythms and also battling with some personal issues…and this was the perfect thing. It spoke volumes to my heart and soul and fed my mind too…thank you xxx’
(J, February 14th 2018)

Because it’s intense, one word of warning: if (for instance) you’re especially vulnerable, say recently bereaved, you might want to think about asking a friend to accompany you on this journey, or leave it till next year.

THE WORKSHOPS BELOW ARE OFFERED OCCASIONALLY. I will update as relevant in 2019. Meantime, there are some half-day ‘Poetry in Nature‘ sessions planned for 2019 in East Devon, and several more outdoor writing and mindfulness events coming up with me at Greenway, National Trust.



Dates tba

In the beautiful woodland gardens of National Trust Greenway Devon. I had the privilege of being writer-in-residence at Greenway at the end of 2017. I love the place: its woodland garden tumbling down to the Dart, and in addition to offering lots of writing-related events I wrote a lot there. My final essay can be read here. Come and walk among the trees; visit Kwan Yin in her tranquil pool; listen to the birds beginning to call spring; feast your eyes on the camellia blossoms. We’ll walk slowly, in silence, and I’ll offer your prompts for writing. Oh yes, bring a notebook!

Booking essential, via Greenway



gardooussel water

(PASSED: 2018) November 11th 2018, 2–5pm, Dartington Hall gardens, Devon
Suggested donation £5–£10

This is an outdoor collaboration between myself with my Wellkeepers programme, and Sam Wernham of River Dart Wild Church, whose emphasis this year is on water.

‘In a rich communion of both silence and sharing, as always for Wild Church, local poet, author, well-tender and tree-keeper Roselle Angwin will lead us in a poetic exploration of Dartington’s Sacred Ground, beginning at the newly-rediscovered Holy Well. As you’ll be making notes (don’t worry! No previous poetry experience needed!) please bring a small notebook.

‘Offered on a gift economy basis – suggested donation £5-£10.

‘We’ll gather at 1.45pm by the ancient yew and old church tower in the heart of Dartington Hall gardens. (Paid parking is available on the Estate). From there we will make a slow pilgrimage to Dartington’s original sacred spring and well pool and on around the gardens. Times of silence will be woven together with some guidance from Roselle, including the opportunity for creative writing. We will draw towards a close, as ever, with a silent, collaborative and inter-spiritual communion.’

A subtext for me, on Remembrance Day, is to send our thoughts out to those we have loved and lost individually, those who are lost worldwide, and also our lost species.

Please come prepared to be outside in all weathers, so with plenty of warm layers and waterproofs – being slow and still outside can be much chillier than a brisk walk! We also recommend you bring something waterproof to sit on and a flask with a hot drink.


Bringing yourself back home
Dates tba

NB you don’t need any previous experience in either mindfulness or writing


This session is about falling more deeply in love with this planet, our life and the other lives on it. The session will emphasise waking up in and to the present moment, and also our natural affinity and close relationship with nature. The last few years, I’ve been leading mindfulness walks in the Devon countryside, and people seem to have ‘dropped deep’ with them.

We’ll use brief guided outdoor meditations to:
~ increase a sense of inner spaciousness and stillness
~ attune ourselves via simple exercises to a deeper sense of relationship with the natural world of which we’re a part, and
~ to enhance our powers of observation & imagination.
From this, peace and clarity can emerge, and we can leave behind ‘monkey mind’ and its chatter and clutter. Then we’ll write.

Much of the afternoon will take place in silence, whether walking, standing or sitting, and I will encourage you to be barefoot for part of the time.

We’ll be practising outdoors even in rain (at least for part of the afternoon), so please come prepared, including with sturdy non-slip waterproof footwear, a coat, and something sit on, even if only an old carrier bag.

This afternoon event is to be the first of several mindfulness-for-writers sessions. This session will take place in a private garden and field near Totnes, with a woodland margin and abundance of wildlife. Others will happen on Dartmoor, and possibly in a canoe on the Dart. Next dates tba




Please note that these workshops usually incorporate many ways of writing: reflective, therapeutic, writing for inner-world exploration and mindfulness, and eco-awareness, as well as for creative expression.

This is not the case, clearly, for workshops such as the Novelists’ Bootcamp

HOW TO BOOK: contact me here below, and please read the small print:



I will give you the necessary info and pencil you in if you want to join us. As the groups are small, to guarantee you a place I then need the full fee immediately.

Please note that this is non-refundable if you cancel within a month of the workshop; if you cancel more than a month before I will refund half of your fee. If for any reason I cancel the workshop then of course your full fee is refunded.