Mentoring, writing tuition & appraisal

‘I have felt I could write and reflect without censorship or self-disguise and that you would always find a way to meet me somewhere. I appreciate the obvious care and time you have always put into this.’

One-to-one mentoring, tutoring, coaching and consultancy is available in writing, creativity and personal development through poetry, myth, archetype and story; also individual psychospiritual or ecopsychology sessions (see here).

This is collaborative: you tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll suggest the how.

I have very wide experience of mentoring in a number of different writing-related and counselling and/or personal development contexts. I’ve worked with people

  • on progressing a novel
  • on developing poetry
  • on putting together a poetry collection/project
  • with ‘writer’s block’
  • on exploration and expression of personal life issues
  • therapeutic journalling: uncovering, discovering, recovering
  • on more general writing, fiction and non-fiction
  • for depth exploration of creativity and the unconscious
  • on deepening their relationships to self, soul, human ‘other’, and non-human or more-than-human other (these can happen both in- and outdoors, and are a combination of Jungian and ecopsychology, with a dash of my lifelong study of the Old Ways from the Celtic shamanic tradition)
  • ‘nature writing’: essay/memoir/travel/creative non-fiction
  • ‘the slender threads’: the use of memory, dream, myth, imagery and presence to find our way home
  • on combinations of the above
  • I’ve put together ‘inspiration packages’ for individuals and groups.

In some circumstances I can offer half-day and full day individual retreats where we use guided meditation, silent walking together, creative visualisation, writing and discussion to ground, still and deepen our experience of being alive (these happen in Devon). We can also adapt this to look at progressing a specific creative project. These sessions are priced separately rather than pro rata as below.

Mentoring & tuition
We co-design the content according to what you are looking for. These sessions usually take place via email, or sometimes face-to-face, and we agree on the number of sessions and their duration, and the cost, in advance. (As a basic guideline, I generally charge £60 per hour for intensive face-to-face work if I read your work in advance in addition; £45 per hour if there’s no advance reading of work, and £35 for work that takes place by email, depending on the nature and intensity of the work and my input [once again it’s more if I need to read material in advance]. In some circumstances I may be open to negotiation. It may also possible for me to email you inspiration-ideas and suggestions, as a one-off or on an agreed or regular basis, and if you don’t require any feedback from me but simply the kickstart material, the fee is greatly reduced. I use Paypal or bank transfer.)

Manuscript appraisal
I’ve worked with a great many now-published authors and poets to support their work in being as strong and polished as possible before submission to a publisher. My input varies from simple and general overall comments to a full in-depth appraisal of every aspect of a manuscript. The total fee, clearly, varies accordingly.

I’m also a trained copy editor and proofreader. For basic proofing to pick up typos and grammatical errors and suchlike, I charge around £15 per hour.

For any other work including full appraisals I charge £20 per hour.

As examples, for my evaluating and making suggestions on a synopsis and the first 10,000 words of a novel, you would expect to pay around £200 – £250.

To read a poetry manuscript of up to 70 poems and give you an overview and general comments, including which poems are not as strong, and a sense of whether you need to reorder, you’d pay £150. If you want detailed commentary which includes suggested edits on any individual poem that requires this in addition to an overview, expect to pay between £250 and £600, depending on how many poems require attention.

Online courses
If you would like something more tightly-structured, bear in mind that I offer two online courses supported with extensive study material and individual feedback: one on writing poetry, and one on writing a novel. These have had consistently excellent feedback from participants, and many of those are now published. I’ve been promising an Introduction to Poetry course for a while: I still fully intend to launch it – well, sometime. Soonish.

I’m also putting together a new online course in ecopsychology; more soon.

Please ask! Drop me an email via the Contact form.

First of all, thank you.  I read all your feedback yesterday, some of it over and over… I’m very happy with it, it feels like just what I need… You’ve asked me questions that I have considered and am aware of, and many that I was only groping towards, and it all feels spot on. You’ve certainly given me plenty to think about… working with you is my way forward.       

‘Thanks enormously, Roselle.  I feel in good hands.’ 

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