online courses

I currently offer several online holistic writing courses. For the two longest-standing, and longest in duration, ones, Storymaking (novel writing) and Elements of Poetry, you can sign up at any time. We commit to work with each other, one-to-one, for 6 months (actually, it’s 7 in total, with my monthly feedback).

One positive (I suppose!) side-effect of our COVID time is that people have been asking for more online courses, so with a little reluctance I’ve brought myself into the C21st.

I have recently added Writing the Bright Moment – Poetry, Nature & Mindfulness which I offer as a 5-day online course a few times a year. It would be perfect as a new year solo but supported retreat. Great feedback so far.

Also intended for the new year, or more accurately if you follow the Celtic calendar Imbolc, February 1st/2nd, is my Thresholds one-day retreat workshop, asking profound, revelatory and sometimes challenging questions of your life. I led this face-to-face for about 20 years before making it available as a download.

Coming in 2021 are two new poetry workshops. You can read more on these links: Poetry & the Ensouled Life and The Poetry Lab.

In December 2018, I launched my yearlong self-study OR mentored ECOSOUL course – TONGUES IN TREES. This has been such an exciting project, and has garnered much complimentary feedback. The third course will begin at the winter solstice 2021. More details on The Wild Ways. My new book, rooted in this course, will be out from Moon Books next year. I’d love you to order it.

Later I will be refocusing on online courses that involve my work in mythopsychology and ecospirituality, which is where this all started way back in 1991.

There are some audio pieces on SoundCloud.