online courses

I currently offer two writing online courses. You can sign up for either at any time. We commit to work with each other for 6 months (actually, it’s 7 in total, with my monthly feedback).

Then there are two online courses that are more holistic in nature and involve my work in mythopsychology and ecospirituality: one is a one-day workshop in a downloadable self-study form, the other a yearlong study course, ditto. See below.


The second is STORYMAKING – a unique approach to writing a novel based on myth and archetype.

I also have a download available of a do-it-yourself THRESHOLDS course, to enter the season of Imbolc that leads us to spring.

In December 2018, I launched my yearlong self-study OR mentored ECOSOUL course – TONGUES IN TREES. The third course will begin at the winter solstice 2021. More details on this link to my other site, The Wild Ways.