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NB that from October 2019 to the end of 2020 I’m focusing on 3 aspects only of my work: the Islands of the Heart courses on Iona, the distance learning Tongues in Trees course and an ecosoul project, and completing a book on trees and its companion book on the Lost Feminine.


Tongues in Trees, (The Wild Ways). New one began on the winter solstice 2019 for all of 2020. Excellent feedback. NEXT ONE: winter solstice 2020 for all of 2021.

Thresholds for Imbolc, relevant to late January/early February (1-2)

POETRY READING, Roselle, & Jean Atkin: All the Missing Names of Love,Teignmouth Poetry Festival, Friday March 20th, 2.30-3.30pm, Teignmouth Pavilions. CANCELLED

‘CORE’ group, FRIDAY 17th APRIL–FRIDAY 24th

‘MORE’ group, TUESDAY 28th APRIL–TUESDAY 5th MAY 2020 (FULL – waiting list available)

WILD SPIRIT pilgrimage along the Dart, Sunday 6th September
Part of River Dart Wild Church’s Sunday walks,this half day walk takes us from St David’s at Ashprington, to Bow Creek, through Tuckenhay and along the river to St. Peter’s at Cornworthy in the creative company of local poet, Roselle Angwin, of Fire in the Head. Roselle will gently guide us in creating our own poetic response to the land and water along the way.’ (PROBABLY CANCELLED)


ISLANDS OF THE HEART provisional dates:
‘CORE GROUP’ Monday to Monday 12th-19th April ‘Poetry retreat’ (nearly full)

‘MORE GROUP’ Wednesday to Wednesday 21st-28th April ‘Poetry & prose week’ (one space newly available as of May 2020)

‘OPENING UP SPACE GROUP’ Saturday to Saturday 1st–8th May. ‘Luminous space to reflect, explore, create.’ This was a new week introduced in 2019. ‘Roselle – this week has been a huge privilege. I can’t begin to express my thanks for the wisdom, the rightness, the goodness of it all…’  says 1 participant, September 2019. SPACE AVAILABLE


See also Bear in mind that all courses are holistic in nature, and there is a great deal of overlap between the content of this site and The Wild Ways.

The courses generally all include other aspects of being: our inner/soul life and our relationship to the outer world, especially the rest of nature, are inherent parts.

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