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‘I’d describe [Roselle] as an eco-alchemist. By weaving together Celtic mythology, druidic wisdom, earth-based and creative practices she facilitates an awakening to the interconnectedness of all creation and reminds us of the sacred nature of our shared home.’ S R Reed


JANUARY 2022: after a particularly pressured time and a high degree of burnout after 30 years of working intensively with groups and individuals, I’m currently taking a sabbatical. There are new adventures happening in our lives here, plus I haven’t paid any attention to my own writing, apart from the publication of my latest book, for nearly a year. I will probably offer at least two online courses later this year, but otherwise the next groups will be Islands of the Heart retreats this spring. I’m taking on no other editorial/mentoring/tutoring work this year.

MARCH 2021:
Roselle on YouTube
On this link, you should be able to watch and listen to an interview with me, in which creative writing lecturer Lania Knight asks me about my site-specific work, my relationship to place, and to the other-than-human. (It’s one of the few interviews and recordings which don’t make me cringe on listening back.)

NEW BOOK: A Spell in the Forest – tongues in trees
Published by Moon Books in June 2021 (you can read reviews on Amazon, and also here)

SPELL cover 72dpi

A Spell in the Forest – tongues in trees

This book is drawn partly from my popular yearlong Tongues in Trees course. If you missed the launch event for Spell on Thursday July 1st, you are warmly invited to watch it here. (NB only the first few minutes are shambolic! After that, we muted people’s mics.)


Like the philosopher Simone Weil, another great teacher, Angwin is dedicated to encouraging the arts of reading, looking, listening, and of reflection, of really paying attention – arts which can be developed – as input to the writing. And, like her book [Writing the Bright Moment], she is truly an inspiration.’ Katherine Gallagher

Writing the Bright Moment – Poetry, Nature & Mindfulness is an inspiring new online solo but supported writing retreat. We work in a spirit of creative attentiveness and depth. People seem to find it invaluable, and since its inception in August 2020 several have repeated it at a different time of year. Next dates still to be scheduled for 2022; plus ‘Part 2’.

Poetry, Imagination & the Ensouled Life was new in 2021. The first week, in May, had very complimentary feedback. More weeks will be offered this year.

I’m currently cooking a 3rd online course with, like the others, the practice of mindfulness and attention to the larger-than-human world in the mix.

Click here for FIRE IN THE HEAD: the what

You can listen to my long Dartmoor poem River Suite here (approx. 12 minutes. Switch off the lights, close your eyes, and let the moor take you.) The link will take you to SoundCloud, where I’ve a few pieces to listen to, with more coming.

For those many of you with whom I’ve worked for up to 3 decades: I’m constantly aware of the community of the ‘shaping spirit of imagination’ that we co-create. In this time especially I value the connections we have, even if those are mostly virtual. Stay well; keep being inspired. And thank you for continuing to support my work.

JUNE 2019: The Telegraph (Travel section) has listed my Iona courses among ‘the world’s [ten] best writing holidays’.

*Most of my work now concerns itself with deepening a holistic relationship with the rest of the natural world, a matter of urgency if we want to stop destroying our home. Generally, my ‘way in’, for myself & those who work with me, is the creative process of engagement, exploration, enquiry & expression through writing. All my work is soulwork, in effect. Our relationship with the other-than-human is made more explicit on my other site, The Wild Ways (‘ecosoul: the ecological imagination’).

Please refresh these pages when you visit, as I’m constantly updating and adding to them. If you would like to be informed of new events, you can use the Contact form to send your email address.

River Suite cover
‘I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections, and the truth of imagination.’ ~ John Keats


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