the wellkeepers


a journey to wholeness

Centuries ago, the path of the heart & the way of the soul were forgotten. In the Grail myths, as I wrote in my first book in 1993* and have taught in various workshops since 1991, the well-maiden guardians were raped, the waters poisoned, the land laid waste.

Our times are patriarchal: we’ve inherited a worldview biased towards warfare, conquest, individualism, logic & the rational mind, & the qualities often traditionally associated with the feminine principle, such as relatedness, intuition, community (including with other species, & the earth itself) and the feeling nature have not been sufficiently valued. We need both perspectives to work in harmony.

Myth can show us the way forward, even as it records a time of loss & destruction. Through the lens of archetypal psychology & myth, especially the Grail legends, we will explore a different way to be alive, with our unique gifts, in the world: a conscious way that can heal our own wounds & contribute something positive, healing, to the web of being in which we all exist.

As we explore the 8 mythic phases (as I wrote of it in my book mentioned below, further adapted for this century and its troubles) of this journey in relation to our own lives, we will each also be writing, quite literally, the book of our individual life. Call it narrative eco-therapy, personal mythology, or soulwork. Or all three & more.

Roselle has a counselling qualification, has been exploring this psychospiritual journey via the Celtic and other wisdom traditions for over 40 years & teaching it for 25, & was commissioned to write a book about it in 1993: *‘RIDING THE DRAGON – myth & the inner journey’, Element Books.

NB this next year-long course, beginning in January 2017, is for a private closed group of women only. However, it will be offered again both as a terrestrial and online course, and men are not excluded in this search for the lost anima mundi! If you’d be interested to join a group in the future (the groups are kept small, for depth and individual attention), please register your interest via the Contact form.

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Brittany – photo B grundbacher