A Spell in the Forest – the book

Trees occupy a place of enormous significance, not only in our planet’s web of life but also in our psyche. A Spell in the Forest – Tongues in Trees is part love-song, part poetic guidebook, and part exploration of thirteen native sacred British tree species. Tongues in Trees is a multi-layered contribution to the current awareness of the importance and significance of trees and the resurgence of interest in their place on our planet and in our hearts.

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Forthcoming from Moon Books (John Hunt Publishing) on 25 June 2021 is my narrative non-fiction book  written in and partly about the ancient Forêt de Brocéliande in Brittany. To read about and buy it click on the following link.  A Spell in the Forest – tongues in trees is about tree lore, myth, individual tree species according to the Celtic ogham alphabet, my personal relationship with Tree and Forest, and the Wildwood.

You can buy it direct from me (via Paypal, easy, even if you don’t have an account) – contact me here; or in the UK order it from your local bookshop, or from the ethical alternative to Amazon, bookshop.org. Here’s the direct link. Also from Hive, another ethical seller who, like bookshop.org, donates a percentage to your local bookshop (and it’s on offer atm). Of course you can also buy it from Amazon UK here and Amazon USA here. Barnes & Noble stock it too. In Canada, you can buy it here.

This book is in large part based on my Tongues in Trees online course.

I shall be launching my book via Zoom courtesy of James Murray-White of the Save The Oaks campaign, on Thursday July 1st at 7pm. Tickets are free but do need booking (here). Please join us! And 10% of any sales made direct from me as a result of the launch will go to STO.

‘The poet who reignites within us passion and wonder for the living world does as much for the healing of the planet as any ecologist. Roselle Angwin is one such poet.
Fred Hageneder, author of a number of books on trees

‘This book gently leads the reader into a new and deeper understanding of the forest and our ancient and intrinsic connection with the trees that has been largely forgotten in this modern age. If you wish to develop and nurture a true affinity and knowledge of trees, then A Spell in the Forest – Tongues in Trees will most definitely help you to do that.’ Luke Eastwood, author of The Druid Garden

‘Roselle Angwin is a thinking as well as a feeling writer.  Her new title, A SPELL IN THE FOREST, Book One: Tongues in Trees, is intelligent, informational, and thoroughly researched.  Equally if not more importantly there is a gentle soulfulness in the author’s voice which invites readers to travel through her pages, similar in its way to a quiet walk in the woods.’
David Sparenberg, author of Earth Spirit: Confronting the Crisis, Essays & Meditations on Eco-spirituality

On the run-up to publication date, I’ve been asked for a number of podcasts, interviews, blog posts and articles. In no particular order, here are some links, should you be interested in reading or hearing more about our, and/or my, relationship with trees.

On this link, you can listen to a discussion on trees on The Wheel podcast, as above. I am the guest for this ‘spoke’, #46.

Here is a link to a written interview with me. Sample response (in relation to a question about spiritual practice): ‘

‘I feel strongly that we live in an enspirited world – everything is consciousness in one form or another. I honour and respect all that is

‘My focus in my own life, my writing and in the courses I lead is on bringing spirit and matter together; our cultural Western dualistic inheritance has separated them, and I feel this underlies many of our current ills, including, of course, the destruction of the rest of the natural world. More especially, I’m passionate about moving from an anthropocentric view of the world towards an ecocentric one.’

This link will take you to an article on learning to speak the language of trees.

There are more, but for the moment, here’s the last link, which is to a more generic YouTube interview about my approach to the land, and to our sense of belonging to place and land, and writing about it.

A Spell in the Forest – the book