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UK poet, author and painter Roselle Angwin leads the Fire in the Head creative and reflective writing programme on land and in cyberspace, and The Wild Ways eco-soul retreats and courses (mostly outdoors). Her blog is Qualia & Other Wildlife ( An Arts Council England award winner twice for her own writing (as well as twice as the founder of a small Dartmoor literary festival) she's the author of 10 books: poetry, novels and non-fiction. Roselle's passionate about the meeting points between inner and outer geographies: relationship, connection, creativity, wild places, and how these things shape our stories. She has been described as 'a poet of the bright moment... whose own sources of creative inspiration are her native Westcountry, the Scottish islands, and a highly individual blend of Celtic myth and metaphysics, archetypal psychology, shamanic and Buddhist thinking'. Her courses, retreats and mentoring take place in cyber-space, on Dartmoor, the Devon and Cornwall coasts, the Isle of Iona and France. A lifelong countrydweller, she has a particular affinity with animals, birds and healing plants; the land and other species are collaborators in her Wild Ways courses. As a poet, she frequently co-creates with artists, musicians, dancers and sculptors, often on the land. Her poetry has been displayed on buses and cathedral websites, has appeared in numerous anthologies, been etched into glass, hung from trees, towed behind bicycles, printed on T-shirts, carved into stone, metal and wood, painted, sung, composed to, choreographed, danced, performed and eaten by sheep. As a writing tutor, Roselle has worked for the Arvon Foundation, the Open College of the Arts, The Poetry School, The Poetry Society, and Oxford University; and outdoors for the National Trust, Dartmoor National Park, Natural England, Hestercombe Gardens and the Cotswold Water Park (these two as part of environmental arts group genius loci) as well as at numerous academic institutions and arts organisations here and abroad. She was for several years a columnist for MsLexia and has continued to be a frequent contributor to this and other magazines and journals.


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Forthcoming from Moon Books in June 2021:
A Spell in the Forest – Tongues in Trees (Book One)

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Like the philosopher Simone Weil, another great teacher, Angwin is dedicated to encouraging the arts of reading, looking, listening, and of reflection, of really paying attention – arts which can be developed – as input to the writing. And, like her book [Writing the Bright Moment], she is truly an inspiration.’ Katherine Gallagher

During 2020, I’m concentrating on two things only: my Tongues in Trees yearlong course, and my own writing. I’m not taking on new work in terms of mentoring, appraisals or workshops, but am occupied with designing new online courses. The first of these is Poetry, Nature & Mindfulness and is available in August & October 2020, and January 2021.

The next weeklong ‘land’ courses will be my Iona retreats in April and May 2021, all being well.

Click here for FIRE IN THE HEAD: the what

You can listen to my long Dartmoor poem River Suite here (approx. 12 minutes. Switch off the lights, close your eyes, and let the moor take you.) The link will take you to SoundCloud, where I’ve a few pieces to listen to, with more coming.

For those many of you with whom I’ve worked for nearly 3 decades: I’m constantly aware of the community of the ‘shaping spirit of imagination’ that we co-create. In this time especially I value the connections we have, even if those are mostly virtual. Stay well; keep being inspired.

JUNE 2019: The Telegraph (Travel section) has listed my Iona courses among ‘the world’s [ten] best writing holidays’.

*Most of my work now concerns itself with deepening a holistic relationship with the rest of the natural world, a matter of urgency if we want to stop destroying our home. Generally, my ‘way in’, for myself & those who work with me, is the creative process of engagement, exploration, enquiry & expression through writing. All my work is soulwork, in effect. Our relationship with the other-than-human is made more explicit on my other site, The Wild Ways (‘ecosoul: the ecological imagination’).

Please refresh these pages when you visit, as I’m constantly updating and adding to them. If you would like to be informed of new events, you can use the Contact form to send your email address.

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‘I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections, and the truth of imagination.’ ~ John Keats

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